Box Office Madness Redux

Why redux? Because ‘Box Office Madness’ was the title of the first ever non-travelogue Scrawled in Wax post. It went up in August 2006. Which, I’ll be honest, makes me feel a little old. Well, that and my prodigious amount of grey chest hair.


At the time, I railed against what I saw to be the strange madness that saw people become obsessed over box office numbers. Tim and others have disagreed with me about this, but I still stick to the argument that it’s weird. And now, strangely, Techdirt – that bastion of free-market futurism run by Mike Masnick*, who loves to claim that the world has fundamentally changed and the solution is to intensify capitalism – backs me up.

Not in a deep way, mind you. They simply argue that box-office receipts are only a tiny fraction of how films make money, which means that the weekly breathless reporting is just misleading and misinformed.

But I guess I just liked the circularity of it all. Well, that and I like the word redux.

*I saw Masnick give a presentation at Mesh ’08, and it was really good. He’s smart and nice. I just disagree with his faith in free-market capitalism.

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