Rosenberg on Twitter

Your world will probably remain firmly unrocked, but I’d still recommend reading Scott Rosenberg’s two recent posts on Twitter[via]. In the first, the author of Say Everything explains that the concision of Twitter means that blogging, once equally composed of both the long-form and link kind, is now tipping towards more ‘substantial’ posts. Essentially, I guess this means Twitter has made link-blogging sorta’ obsolete (but not you, Sorgatz!).

The second post thinks about Twitter’s future and its problems with both scalability and also the difficulty of one company controlling what, to my mind, amounts to a new medium. I think Rosenberg should have gestured toward the real-time, microblogging web as a new online mode, rather than another web service, but maybe that’s just me. ‘Course I also just threw back another Cameron’s Lager, so I’m not entirely clear on what I’m saying. Regardless… enjoy!

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